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Just starting out!

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I just redownlaoaded the C25K app on Friday. I had it before but was to afraid to try it. Well yesterday was my first day. I made it to the half way point on W1D1 before my right leg started hurting so bad that I couldn’t go any further. I am planning on doing W1D1 until I can complete it without quitting completely. Then moving onto W1D2. How long do you all stay on a certain week before moving to the next week training?

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I've been working on this for at least 8 weeks, but as far as the app goes I'm still fighting with week 4. That week has you run 3 minutes, 5 minutes, 3 minutes, 5 minutes. I run, probably, about a minute and a half, with comparable breaks. Some of where I run is uphill, so my flat or downhill runs are a little bit longer. 

But I am making headway. A few days ago I corrected my form, and I think I'm going to make better progress.

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