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Just checking out the forum. I have always loved going to the gym and working out but the last year or so has been rough... anyway I'm just starting to get back into working out from home now focusing a lot on pushups and core exercises and hope to get back into running if this Wisconsin winter ever ends. I also started to cut soda out of my diet and that is going ok. Not perfect, but much better than how it used to be. Now I need to find a cure for my sweet tooth...

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Welcome. :) It sounds like you have a great plan.

One thing that has helped me ease out of eating too much sugary foods when they seem to have overtaken me, is to eat fruit (fresh or frozen; no sweetener added). It is still sweet, which helps curb the cravings, but it has nutrients and such in it and seems to wean me away from candy and all the other junk.

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