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Running in the dark/doubling up on runs?


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I'm on Week 4 of C25K now and really getting into the swing of it - I try and spread my runs throughout the week after work, then do an extra run at the weekend, usually involving plenty of uphill, so I know I'm ready for the next week before I move on.


However, it is getting dark earlier and earlier in the evenings now, and is barely light in the mornings before work, and I know that in a week or so it will be properly dark before I leave for work and before I get back. As a female runner safety is my priority so I am looking for suggestions on keeping safe whilst out running. I already tell people when I'm going, my route and when I'll be back, and carry a panic alarm. I also wear a flashing LED band and reflective clothing so traffic can see me.  What else can I do to keep safe when running during the week?


Failing that I would have to limit myself to running at the weekend - which means fitting three runs into two days - is this a good idea? Would I be risking injury, or slowing my progress?


All suggestions gratefully received!

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Hi There,


Now for me???? I am a total wimp in the dark unless I have a buddy.  But where I live in the country my life is in danger in the dark with all those animals out there, yikes.  I would be running from scary looking eyeballs. lol    Now if you can , maybe 1/2 before sunup where is almost light?  Do you live in an area where there are lights?  DO you have a gym or YMCA where they have a track? School where it is lit up??    I'm a woos, so dark out is not for me..  Look into those options.


You can fit the 3 runs in on the weekend, but you risk losing ground if you are not working out the other days at all.   If you  are able to get at least 2-3 more workouts the other days, like weights, cardio, bodyshape,yoga, etc., then you might beok with running on the weekends.  Or 2 on the weekends and 1 run during the week.    


In Nevada carrying a gun on our person is legal, when I run alone I carry a 22mag on my hip.  But I am always nervous about it falling and shooting myself, lol  - YIKES!  So it is daytime running for me.


You are doing great.  Keep me posted.  Happy Running!

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Hi Kelly, thanks for the advice. 

Fortunately where I live the wildest animal I am likely to encounter is a bat, but my route is mostly lit. I am also easily scared in the dark and it is the bits between the streetlights which frighten me!


I do other workouts during the week to - kickboxing, dance, cycling and weights, so hopefully as you say I will be ok running twice at the weekend.

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Glad I'm not alone! I always run at night. I have two jobs, and my night job I usually end up home around 11. My neighborhood is pretty safe, but I run and rerun blocks that surround me so I'm always close to home. I also carry pepper speay on me, and I wear bright clothes. I also only run with one headphone so I can still hear things around me. Only downfall from this is I tried running during the day, and the sun completely wore me out. Hope I have some good tips ! Ps- running before bed is super relaxing :)

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