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  1. Thanks Kellyb that's really helpful advice! I did week 4 day 1 again yesterday and didn't get the stich until 35 seconds before the very last running section. I therefore tend to agree with the pre-run meal theory, as on both times I had the stitch I had the same snack before I went running, but at different times before I started. Next time I won't have that snack and see if I still get the stitch!
  2. I think the most important single piece of advice I've ever been given before an event (I was told it for cycling events but it applies to running too) is to not do anything different. Eat what you would normally eat on a day that you do a run, drink the same things at the same time you would normally drink when you do a run, wear the same shoes and same clothes that you are used to running in. Basically the idea is that if you start eating/drinking/wearing something different it a) might upset your body and give you an upset tummy, make you need need the toilet mid-race or cause chaffing/blisters but also b ) psychologically you have been doing the same thing each time you run and have been running well, so if you change something you could end up with a mental block e.g. new running shoes, you might start to worry that they are rubbing and slow your pace.
  3. Hi Toni I just did my first day of week 4 today and had the same problem! I was feeling really confident at the end of week 3 as could do the 3 minutes jogging with out too much trouble, just a little out of breath, but today after jogging 3, 5, 3 I too could not finish the last 5, due to what felt like a huge stitch (but not in the place where I normally get a stitch) that would not go away despite doing my normal stretching and breathing techiques. It took the remaining minutes of the 5 min jog and the full cool down before it went away. I have decided I am going to go back to week 3, and when the voice says to walk after the 3 minutes I will instead run for one more minute, then do the walking. That way I will build up to 4 minutes before I tackle 5 minutes. Hopefully that will work.
  4. I would say do whatever feels right for you. I've been doing C25K for 6 weeks now, and usually I do one run every other day with either dance or weights in between because those work my muscles differently so I don't get fatigued. That being said, one week I felt quite tired, and did just one run that week until I was feeling better, and this week I have done 4 runs in a row because I feel really energetic. So, if you feel tired don't put pressure on yourself to run (just remember to get back into it when you feel better) and if you want to run, run! It doesn't matter if you ran yesterday! Regarding drinking when you run - keeping well hydrated will actually stop you from getting cramps, but when you drink is down to personal preference. I like to drink plenty before I run, and plenty when I'm done but don't really remember to drink when I'm running. As long as you replace the water you lose somehow, it doesn't really matter.
  5. Hi Kelly, thanks for the advice. Fortunately where I live the wildest animal I am likely to encounter is a bat, but my route is mostly lit. I am also easily scared in the dark and it is the bits between the streetlights which frighten me! I do other workouts during the week to - kickboxing, dance, cycling and weights, so hopefully as you say I will be ok running twice at the weekend.
  6. FairyNuff

    Shin pain

    Definitely take a look at your shoes. As well as starting C25K recently I also cycle-commute, hike, do studio classes and dance, and I was using the same pair of trainers for all those activities. I got shin splints in Week 2, not from running but from the dancing! The midsoles of my shoes had lost all their cushioning after the repeated beatings I was giving them and therefore could no longer offer the support or cushioning I needed. I swapped to a newer pair of trainers and the pain went away within a few days as I was now getting the right support. It may not be that your shoes are worn out, but even if they are new, if they don't offer the right kind of support for your foot you will get pain from them.
  7. I'm on Week 4 of C25K now and really getting into the swing of it - I try and spread my runs throughout the week after work, then do an extra run at the weekend, usually involving plenty of uphill, so I know I'm ready for the next week before I move on. However, it is getting dark earlier and earlier in the evenings now, and is barely light in the mornings before work, and I know that in a week or so it will be properly dark before I leave for work and before I get back. As a female runner safety is my priority so I am looking for suggestions on keeping safe whilst out running. I already tell people when I'm going, my route and when I'll be back, and carry a panic alarm. I also wear a flashing LED band and reflective clothing so traffic can see me. What else can I do to keep safe when running during the week? Failing that I would have to limit myself to running at the weekend - which means fitting three runs into two days - is this a good idea? Would I be risking injury, or slowing my progress? All suggestions gratefully received!
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