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Struggled today


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I was wk 4 day 2 today and was not able to complete it. Up until this point I have been able to complete each day. I did struggle a little on wk 4 day 1 on the first run of 3 min, didn't make it but then completed the 5 min,3 min and 5 min. 

Is this normal/typical? I will try day 2 again tomorrow 

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Competitive eaters have proven this point. Google Nathans' Hot Dog Eating Competition and watch thevideo of a champ who stuffed 72 hotdogs into his stomach in 10 minutes. Clearly, he had to train his gut to be able to complete that task.

Competitive eating is unlikely your goal, but you may want to be competitive in your sport. That means you need to fuel wisely in order to perform optimally. While some "keto-runners" choose to train their bodies to rely on fat for fuel (fat is less likely to cause GI distress), training the gut is a far easier alternative for most of us.

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