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Skipping a week

Guest Kate

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Hello! I'm on week 4 of the 13.1, and there's a half i'd love to do on the 7th December. If I was a week ahead, I could ~just~ make it, assuming I don't get injured/sick/explode in the interim. If I was to skip a week ahead, when would be best? I don't mind walking part of it (or half of it!) - just want to finish. 

I know there's a tapering week at the end I might consider, but given how thoughtfully the increased mileage and rest days are organised for the rest of the course, I'm a bit nervvy to mess with it. 



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Hi Kate,


I love your enthusiasm.. If you want to skip ahead a week, go ahead, listen to your body though. Maybe add extra days in instead? Like do that week in 4-5 days instead of 3? I do extra days sometimes when I am feeling amazing. Because one week I was sick and could not work out at all. You are you and you know your body, listen to it and rest when needed, Let me know what you decide to do? Hugs

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I'm on the half marathon plan, so it's 7 days a week, with at least 1 rest day. I'm thinking I'll just skip sporadically when I'm comfortable and turn cross training days into rest days when I need. For now, I'm just keeping up. I'm doing the race whether I've finished the training or not- it can just be a training day with some extra walking :) thanks for the support! :) Kate

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