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Painful legs, breathing and other questions


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I am literally going from the couch to 5K. I am on week 2 day 3. The first week was tough but manageable. Week 2 was brutal for me. I think I will repeat it.


I have pain on the inside of my calves. I am not sure if it is just pain from running in general or if I need different running shoes or inserts. Has anyone else had this and if so, what helped?


My breathing is all over the place I am literally gasping for air and I am NOT running fast. I want to do this right. Also, does anyone walk on the rest days? I don't want to overdo it but I want to get into shape quicker.


Any tips would be appreciated. 

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Yes, the walking on the rest day is good idea. At one point I was overdoing it (making 7mi on rest days) so my legs were tired on running day.

Lot of people saying that you have to go to the athletic shoos store and they will measure and sell you "right" footwear. I never did, just bought pair good running shoos on Amazon. But may be my next pair will be done right way .


Muscle pain and breathing problem is normal for couch impaired people like us :D. But try to reduce the pace even more so your breathing will not go out of control.

Last thing: do not try to "get into shape quicker". Steady is a winning strategy!

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Hey margo0119, 


I started C25K and today I finished week 4. 

I had some painful moments when I was working on week 2 & 3 and it is always going to be tougher - look back at week 1, if you had to repeat that week it would have been much easier!! 


It's important to find the right shoes - usually after 700 km your shoes are worn out - so if you didn't change your shoes are old I suggest you change them. 


Try breathing in through your nose and exhaling through your mouth, and don't give in to changing your breathing pattern - if you feel like you have to breath faster then slow down your pace.


Good Luck! Stay motivated 

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I just finished Week2 Day3 also, and was breathing hard and almost couldn't jog the last set (6 of 6).  I think it's normal if you start from couch.  Just repeat the previous workout if you need to.


Because of my busy work, I can only run twice a week.  I would suggest resting your legs from pounding the roads during rest days and do other strength exercises instead.  Like squats, lunges, or other P90X type exercises to build strength.


Regarding the calves pain, I think you need to do proper stretching for your 5mins cool down.  The C25K app suggests brisk walk as 5mins warm up, but did not say about the 5mins cool down.  Search Youtube and you can find many videos on stretching after running.  I personally liked those from FitnessBlender.

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