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How do you spread rest days?


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Assuming you are running 3 days a week and no more.

Particularly at the beginning of the 5k programme.

All at the beginning then 4 days to heal? Or day on day off in the week with a weekend off?


What works best for you and is one way recommended over others?


I've never managed to settle in to a routine properly and always end up mixing approaches (perhaps a reason for me starting the course many times but never finishing!)

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It is all up to you.


For me, usually Mon, Wed, Fri are running days.

Tue, Thu and Sat are the gym days and the Sunday is lazy day 


This is in ideal world :) But life is not on strict schedule, so I move things around, switching Sat and Sun or run on Sun and rest on Monday.

Sometimes I have to sacrifice the gym day. But I am trying to keep my pedometer happy - 14.5k steps per day!


Keep it three days per week. Try to give some rest to your legs in between.

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I run Monday, Wednesday, and Friday every week. I take it easy on my off days if I ran too hard the day before. I have the weekends off which I usually need after the Friday workout since - especially on the upper weeks - they can be pretty brutal. I currently don't do much more than walk around the house or lounge on my off days but I will soon start to do some strength exercises.

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