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I got off the couch and completed my first workout


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Congrats to all of you that sounds wonderful. Right now I am doing the fit bit band tracking my steps thing. It's supposed to be 10,000 steps a day but that was just too much for me to begin with. So I started out at 3000 steps and I take my dog with me and I go alone. It feels good when my band buzzes and tells me I made my daily goal next week I am upping the goal to 3500 steps

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Fran,  keep walking. I started walking 2 years ago (got myself Garmin vivofit).  Today I am doing almost 15000 steps daily. It is about 7 miles.

Half year ago I got treadmill and start my first C25K. I lost about 16lb without diets, just smaller portions (my weight went under 200). I can run 5k now. I am doing my second C25K (faster time is a goal). And I started going to gym, and believe me, I am not a gym person.


All this started with silly pedometer....


Keep it up!

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