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  1. Thank you both of you for your posts. It makes me feel good to know that I am not alone. I keep seeing over and over that going to a store that specializes in running shoes to get properly fitted is the best idea. I'm going to look for such a store in my area, Where do women who are plus sized go to get clothing to run and walk in? I've been wearing just normal T-shirts and shorts but the T-shirts and shorts become very hot and wet on my body
  2. Congrats to you. Any advice for people like me? I am starting week one day one tomorrow I feel a little nervous. When you look at what you need to do for week one day one it seems very simple and very low-key but I am going from laying in bed eating junk food to exercising. But I won't give up no matter what.
  3. I'm so glad that I downloaded this app today. My journey back to myself started right after I turn 40 in April. It's been less than one month since I got my fit bit Alta band but I am very happy when my band tells me I reached my goal every day. I could not do 10,000 steps in one day to start with so I am starting with 3000 steps a day, next week I'm going up to 3500 steps a day. a few days ago I completed almost 7000 steps in one day I was so proud of myself. I am 40 Years Old, about 235 pounds, i'm tired of looking in the mirror and hating what I see, feeling ashamed and embarrassed all
  4. Congrats to you on completing week one! Tomorrow is going to be week one day one for me Do you find that the treadmill help you? I started my fitness journey the end of May when I got my fit bit Alta. has not even been 30 days but I am enjoying reaching my daily step goal and now I'm excited to push myself even further by training for the 5K in October.
  5. I love reading things like this it's really helping me I know now I made the right decision when I downloaded this app. I signed up for a 5K in October. From Couch to 5K doesn't even cover it it's more like from laying down in bed under the covers watching TV eating cupcakes to 5K LOL
  6. Congrats to all of you that sounds wonderful. Right now I am doing the fit bit band tracking my steps thing. It's supposed to be 10,000 steps a day but that was just too much for me to begin with. So I started out at 3000 steps and I take my dog with me and I go alone. It feels good when my band buzzes and tells me I made my daily goal next week I am upping the goal to 3500 steps
  7. Sounds like we are going through a similar thing. When I turn 40 this April 8 I had this epiphany or midlife crisis or whatever you want to call it. I decided I had to get off my butt and make the next half of my life epic. That includes feeling good about what I see in the mirror. Like you I have an epic sweet tooth. It's hard some times. Sometimes I want to eat four cupcakes LOL
  8. Hello everyone I just turned 40 in April. I decided I had to make some serious changes in my life. I started by going to the dentist, eye doctor , going to the doctor, etc. I'm a vegetarian 100% of the time and vegan about 60% of the time. I do not consume any type of meat or seafood but what always gets me is ice cream, baked goodies, etc. but it's about progress not perfection. so I live another day and I learn another day and I make better choices. All of that is all fine and good but it doesn't mean jack shizznit if I cannot stand what I am looking at in the mirror, if I hate my
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