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C25K over 300 lbs progress

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I am a 31 yr old male who works an office job and hasn't been actively exercising in over 20 years. I started C25K and paired it with MyFitnessPal to reduce my calorie intake and increase my exercise to just be overall more healthy. I started this life changing (let's be honest, it IS a life style change) process at 307 lbs. It has been exactly 2 months and I now weigh 273 lbs! For the first month, I simply walked 2 miles per day every day to leg my lungs, legs, and body used to the exercise and by simply cutting out soda and sugary drinks and fast food the weight fell off so fast I lost 3.5 BMI points in one month. Needless to say my doctor was ecstatic!

The second month I started C25K and just completed week 4 without failing or having to repeat any days. It is the toughest thing I've ever done but it is not impossible. I've lost 34 pounds and counting and I feel SO much better about myself already.

A few tips for you beginners....

1) go to a running specific store and getting properly fitted for the right running shoes. There IS a difference so don't be naive. I'm a little flat fitted so I needed better support and insoles to raise my heel. This took the impact of jogging off of my feet and calves so now I can do more longer. It can get pricey but this is your health we are talking here, so it's worth every penny. Remember, I started at 307 lbs so image the impact on my knees and calves...worth every penny.

2) get an anti-chafe stick. It look like standard rub-on deodorant. I have to run it on my inner thighs before I go out for my runs and it has been I life saver!

3) water. Stay hydrated throughout the day. Don't worry about "water weight" because you'll sweat it out

4) try to stay away from cotton. It weighs you down when wet. Pollster and the sweat wicking stuff is great and keeps you cool. I'm a big guy so I needed this ad to not overheat

5) be realistic. Don't worry about your time, or the weight numbers. If you eat right and stick to it, the weight will fall. When I finally finish this program in going to sign up for a 5k with the goal of "just finish". Not even run the whole thing if I can't, just cross the finish line. This is a process not a sprint. Your mantra should be "I am trying". You are lapping everyone in the couch


Have fun. I hope this may have helped you :)

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Thank you both of you for your posts. It makes me feel good to know that I am not alone. I keep seeing over and over that going to a store that specializes in running shoes to get properly fitted is the best idea. I'm going to look for such a store in my area,

Where do women who are plus sized go to get clothing to run and walk in? I've been wearing just normal T-shirts and shorts but the T-shirts and shorts become very hot and wet on my body

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