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  1. Well, first week has been rough. I injured myself on Tuesday, but it is all good today. I just walked yesterday. I didn't get home today until really late because I stood around for 3 hours after work at Belle Tire. Excuses excuses! However, I did manage to work with anytime fitness. They're going to now give partner with my company for employee discounts so I'm signing up tomorrow. I have one by work and one by my house, so that will help me train in between running or a place to run if it's too hot out. I'll be motivated to get my money's worth too on the contract. I've been doing pretty
  2. Day 1....so it begins....

  3. Hi Piper. I'm going to be 29 next month. I've never been much of a runner either although I did lots of other fitness stuff in high school and college. Good luck to you! We can do it!
  4. Thank you! This encourages me. I'm in the same weight class and i just started the C5K.
  5. I just started running today in my neighborhood, with people I live next to. A 23 year old something skinny guy zoomed past me on his run. I get gym anxiety too. But you know what? I put my headphones on and turned the music up. Don't look at anyone unless they're smiling or waving (one person actually did to me). I take it as encouragement. You know how fat people like me get skinny? Work out. I'm not saying you are fat, I have no idea. But I sure am. People should be cheering you on. Hey, at least you don't see the people at the gym when you get home, lol. But I decided my fitness is for me.
  6. Hi, I am new to running. I just started with the C2K app today. I haven't worked out in about a year....I'm gone 12-15 hours a ay for work and doing school 3/4 time, ick. But I've gotten very very heavy and I am tired of it. I have a malaborption issue for multiple iron, B12, Vit D which can only be treated medically (not otc), but now that we are getting back on track in that regard with injections and junk, I'm starting to feel better and I want to get back into shape. I only made it through the first 20 minutes of the (very) slow jogging and fast walking, but I suppose it's 20 minutes o
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