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  1. I'm a 31 yr old male who started this at 307 lbs. i walked 2 miles a day every day for one month and used My Fitness Pal to log my calories. Use something like that and stick to your calorie goal. After my one month of walks I started C25K and just completed week 4 this morning. So I am two months into this and am down to 273 lbs. You can do it! Go to a running specific store near you and get fitted for proper running shoes. There is s huge difference and it will help you do more for longer. It's worth it. My Fitness Pal will help you stay on top of your calorie intake. I also got s FitBi
  2. I am a 31 yr old male who works an office job and hasn't been actively exercising in over 20 years. I started C25K and paired it with MyFitnessPal to reduce my calorie intake and increase my exercise to just be overall more healthy. I started this life changing (let's be honest, it IS a life style change) process at 307 lbs. It has been exactly 2 months and I now weigh 273 lbs! For the first month, I simply walked 2 miles per day every day to leg my lungs, legs, and body used to the exercise and by simply cutting out soda and sugary drinks and fast food the weight fell off so fast I lost 3.5 B
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