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First 5k scheduled! So here I am!


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Hi all,


     A little background, I have been mostly sedentary since 2006 when I stopped working outside the home and facing 210lbs in December and being 46yrs old, I decided to take back my life and work on improving(at 5'1" 210lb is way too much!) so my family and I joined our local gym, well our teenage son and I joined and put my my husband on the membership and our 26yr old son LOL, kind of an early Christmas present.  Since December, I am down 12lbs and 2 sizes and this past weekend a friend of mine who started running a few years ago, posted about a 5k fun run and for the first time ever, I thought "I can do this!  I WANT to do this!" so I registered and stunned the heck out of my husband of 14yrs because while he knows that once I set my mind to things I do them, the last 6-8yrs have been a struggle.  I downloaded the app on Monday and yesterday was my first "training" run on the treadmill at the gym.  For right now it will be indoor running since Northern CA is having a rainy spell(finally) but once the weather clears we will be doing the lake loop which is just a mile from our house.  I have generally been run/walking 30min 3-4times a week and lifting 3-4x a week so I am not starting from completely sedentary but I am not fast and this will help with that.  Anyway, here I go on my journey!!


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