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For anyone reading this topic and aren't sure about the app let me tell you...it's incredible!


The whole idea of the app is to provide a sensible approach to getting off that couch with a goal in mind of getting to 5K within 8 weeks!


I know for a fact if I tried that without the app I'd have failed miserably through trying to do too much at the start and probably injuring myself in the process.


This app worked perfectly for me, I'm on W8 D2 and can't wait to get started on the 10K when I've finished this one because I trust how the program works.


I strongly recommend another app to track distance/pace etc but don't drop this one - it's the perfect guide to build you up to where you need to be after 8 weeks :)

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So when I downloaded this app it asked for permission to access "location" on my phone. Now I have completed three days and nowhere in the app does it display my distance, speed, duration, etc. What's the point of this app other than to log "Day Complete"?

It's mentioned in the forum FAQ.  After completing a workout, you tap on the center dial to see calories and distance covered.



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