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Soreness on ball of foot

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Good Morning,


I am in week three of C25K and have soreness on the ball of my right foot.

I am resting in between days.

I have soaked in epson salt.

I have tried gel pads.

I am sure loosing a few pounds would help, which is the goal.


Approx 5 years ago I fractured the sesamoid bone in that foot and have hardware in my ankle from an accident 15 years prior.

Before I call to the podiatrist, does anyone have an suggestions or home remedies?


Thanks in advance!







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I posted a link awhile back on the products I used to treat my foot...but don't remember the thread. I'm always a little nervous of posting links, but I really do want the world to know, as it got me back walking without a limp. Here's info about metatarsalgia and what I used:  http://kingbrand.com/Metatarsalgia-Treatment.php?REF=46PV179.254

It took me a month and half and it's never come back :)  I used the ColdCure Foot wrap and BFST Wrist wrap (easier to wrap around that area of foot), and I taped it for 2-3 weeks. Wishing you all the best!

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