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Weight loss with 10k app

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Hi there all!

I am new to the forums and have just started the 10k app (1 week in) just after some feedback with weight loss while doing the app.

Has most people lost weight ? When did they find they started to lose the weight? Are they just using the app as exercise or doing other exercises with it ?

I want to lose about 5kg and have trying to eat healthy and eat smaller meals. .

Thanks in advance for advice / feedback

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I've lost 32 lbs (~15 kg) over the last 5 months by watching what I eat. I track everything I eat using MyFitnessPal. Running certainly helps with losing weight since you burn calories.


However, for me, running is about improving cardiovascular health and enjoyment. The weight loss became important because you can't run fast carrying extra weight. Watching what I eat then became very important to facilitate recovery after running.


With some focus on the diet by measuring what you eat and keeping your calorie intake at target, the weight loss will became noticeable by 2 weeks. Taking some body measurements (when you start and during weigh-ins) with a tape measure or getting a body fat measurement is great help because most people really want to lower their body fat percentage. If you can't getting a good reading (like at a sport fitness clinic) the fat2fit app has formulas that calculate it for you. I've lost maybe 6 to 8% percent body fat.


I do some weightlifting and strength training + a lot of stretching. I stretch 3 to 4 times per day.


Hope this helps,


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Hi Rob,

Thank you for all your information . I appreciate you taking the time to reply.

I think once I get more into the app and running for longer I'll lose weight quicker. At the moment as I am carrying a bit of extra weight it's harder on my body. I had a baby 5 months ago but before pregnancy I was running 6km and lost 6kg . It's so much harder this time around .

I am sure once I get back into running a bit more I will feel better. :)

Thanks again Rob

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