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How do you motivate yourself to ensure goals are met?  What are some strategies implemented to ensure that goals are on target and what is your favorite song to motivate yourself if not feeling up to it? 


How big is your brave?  --  Dream big, achieve your dreams, and feel better about yourself.  


what are some ways you can help others to stay motivated and dream big?  


I have been an inspiration to friends with helping to plan healthy lunches and also to makes sure we are accountable to each other with our goals.  Having a workout buddy is also a great way for me to stay motivated and keep at it!


Can't wait to see what everyone has to share :)  




Dream Big!!!


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I use my fitbit to keep me going... Just gotta pass one more person. I also compete with myself, improving run time. Yesterday I ran my first 14 min mile. Of course the next one was slower and the last one I walked, but I DID IT.


I am an inspiration to others because they notice how my body, eating habits and general attitude has changed for the better over time and I get a lot of questions about how I did it.


Favorite song? My guilty pleasure is disco music, for some reason knowing all the words and sometimes singing along keeps me going when I want to quit.

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