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  1. I use my fitbit to keep me going... Just gotta pass one more person. I also compete with myself, improving run time. Yesterday I ran my first 14 min mile. Of course the next one was slower and the last one I walked, but I DID IT. I am an inspiration to others because they notice how my body, eating habits and general attitude has changed for the better over time and I get a lot of questions about how I did it. Favorite song? My guilty pleasure is disco music, for some reason knowing all the words and sometimes singing along keeps me going when I want to quit.
  2. I'm Karen in Alabama and I've been doing zombies run off and on the last two years. This time I want to stick with it, I have to be honest, I haven't run consistently since I left the military >20 years ago, but I definitely want to change that. I have a new grandson that I want to see graduate college!
  3. I don't have a person to run with either, but my dog is always willing! Except when I decide to do the 3rd lap, she usually runs home and waits on the porch. I do use a fitbit also so I try to pass the next person or two on my leaderboard. I did have a friend who ran the local barbarian race with me, my first race, but after that she decided running just isn't her thing.
  4. I'm a beginning runner. Wasn't really sure what to try, so went to a local running store, Fleet Feet, where they recommended Brooks Adrenaline after watching me run. My first two pair I bought from the store but I've recently found an excellent deal on the Brooks website so bought the most recent pair from there.
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