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Difficulty moving on each week...

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Hello, New to doing this and not in good shape but trying to get there. Started out very comfortable, tough but could complete and felt good about it afterwards. Now I have just finished week 3 and feel as if moving on to week 4 will only discourage me. I know that the 3 and 5 minute intervals will burn my lungs and my muscles terribly and make me very frustrated. In the past with frustration comes the "giving up" mindset. Any suggestions? Do many people redo weeks over? Any suggestions? I do not want to give up and repeat my sad cycle of bad habits. In my younger years I was the motivator for many people and now, uugh I can't even motivate myself. It is terribly embarrassing.  

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Sounds like you're doing good so far. I've seen many on this site redo weeks - you just want to persevere. Listen to your body - you will know best what you can do. But it also doesn't hurt to try and see if you can do the next week - you'd be amazed at what you can accomplish! You've already started to build endurance...it's just a slow and steady pace that you need.


Also remember to not run to fast. If you can go slower, you're going too fast. You should feel like you can have a conversation without much effort.


Good luck and good job!

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Hi Jennifer and Welcome here!


We have all been there for sure and me myself after teaching for a long time, I need my own butt kicked sometimes to get motivates.  LOL




Do not be too hard on yourself and you can do this!  Do not run everyday, but mix it up..  Weights one day, Walk one day, Rn your 3x a week, bike, swim, hike, etc....  


I find that the more I mix it up he better I get to.   Do not think too hard about it, MAKE IT FUN!!!!     


You got this!!!   Proud of you!  

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Ugh. I am new to running and have been doing the program and moving forward with each week. I just started week 4 today and it was very difficult. I did the first 3/5/3 but couldn't do the last 5 so I walked it as fast as I could. I feel like from week 3 to 4 was too big of a jump for me. Any suggestions? I was feeling great but today left me feeling like a failure and questioning whether I can really do this or not.

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Hi Rebecca,


I am Jennifer and I started this thread. I was having a ton of trouble getting through my 3 and 5 minute intervals. Just keep trying even if you need to do them an extra week. You will make progress. Soon you will be looking back and thinking about how you needed a little push here today and be smiling because you kept with it. I am far from a runner but 6 weeks ago I wasn't even able to imagine a 5K. I am building my endurance every time I run... Might not be fast yet, but I can always build my speed once I can go the distance. Keep up the great work! You can do it.

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