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New Year's Day start


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Hi I'm starting W1D1 tmrw on New Year's Day (yes resolution!) and have been reading many of the tips in the forum. Just wondered what apps/technology people use to set/manage their goals? Just C25k or Run keeper as well to see your distance? I'm planning to do early morning runs before it gets too hot (Queensland, Australia location) and haven't run in about 6 yrs. Most I ever ran was 5km without stopping, and starting from a very low fitness base now unfortunately!

Should I eat or drink anything before running? Find a flat route or go with hills?

Any tips for first run in a long time would be very welcome....thank you in advance! Good luck with your goals too!

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Hi Arwee, great way to start the new year! ◡̈


I run the app and run keeper as well a music app simultaneously. I used to use stream music while running but that(and the GPS) chewed up most of my data allowance so I've stopped streaming music.


i have a snack before starting my run, usually a banana and a glass of water Or a little bit more depending on my hunger level. As for water intake, I learnt the hard way last week the importance of being hydrated throughout the day before the run, even though it was a fairly cool day (20c)


My routes are flat for the most of it, there are some inclines but not many at all. On days when I feel like I am wearing out, I literally run from(not for!) the hills as soon as I see one!

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