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Day 2...I dunno...


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I totally understand what you're going through. I went through it and lots of people on here went through it or are going through it now. Be patient with yourself and your body. Running adds a heck of a lot of stress that its not used to. It needs time to adjust. When I first started advil and icy hot were almost a constant.

Make sure youre stretching after you run as well as after your warm up. It'll help. Also make sure youre eating lots of protein to support the muscles youre building.

Give it time, the pains are worth it. I promise :)

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I hear ya!  Just did week 1 day 2 yesterday. Thighs killed me but an Advil and water and a slow walk for about 20 minutes on the treadmill a couple of hours later helped.  I am #35 to my goal weight so I can commiserate (from #313 to #215 so far).   I read somewhere here that no matter what your pace, you're still going faster than the guy on the couch.  Hang in, I am. If you need support drop me a message!

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