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Hey ther,


Welcome here. LT, So proud of you for beginning this journey with us.


If you are really sore, make sure you stretch. Stretch only after you are really warmed up. Do not stretch cold muscles. You will iinjure yourself.


After your initial start in your app, pause it amd stretch, only after you are warm. Do not ever ever push through. Any muscle tightness, you want to pause amd stretch.


Muscle soreness means your muscles have busted their butt when you worked out. Muscles go through quite the physical stress when you exercise.


DOMS = Delayed onset muscle soreness. You stress the muscle tissue beyond what it is used to. You create micoscopic damage to your muscle fibres. Which causes pain.


Noone is immune to muscle soreness.


What can you do????? Stretch, Ice, rest, massag, heat, anti inflammatory meds. Loke ibuprofwn. We do not stretch enough.


Rest up for a few days. Only stretch warm muscles.


Let me know of this helps. Good luck.

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Thanks :) I tore one of my knee ligaments a few years ago so I'm trying to figure out if my knee pain is soreness or if it's because my knee didn't heal properly. I know the rest of my body is sore and my knee just feels different. Wondering if I should keep going or just stop I don't want any issues with my knee anymore. Might go out tomorrow and try stretching after my warm up and see if that helps.

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