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What should I do?

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So last Friday I started w7d1, which is a 25 minute run. About 15 minutes in and some mental maths later, I realised that I was ahead of where I was supposed to be, ab30 minute run without stopping. It was too late to restart as I didn't want to break my stride, so I continued and pushed myself until I completed the whole 30 minutes. I completed the run without stop,(which felt really awesome!)


My question is, since I prematurely graduated this program, should continue running at the w8d3 timing or go back and do the last 5 runs(25, 28 minutes)?


Thank you! :)

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You won't undo everything by not running for three days.... running if 40C is madness... I am debating what I will do when summer comes around here...

If I were you and that was the weather for the next few days I would purposefully run shorter runs and make sure not to over extend myself... that kind of heat is dangerous to run in.

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