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22 year old med student

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Hey guys!So this is my first attempt at any proper running program as I've been afraid to do so my whole life. I've always been overweight and unfit and this year I've managed to lose about 14kg through diet and exercise. The weight isn't coming off as quickly as before so I was hoping this would be the jump start I need.I'm currently on week 2 and it's challenging but I'm surprised that I can actually do it! Any tips you guys can offer? Also, I'm looking for some friends to help me stay motivated so please don't be shy to message me. Thanks in advance!

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yes lunges squats planks crunches i looked up how to on internet also zen labs has apps and if you troll through a lot of the posts people post excersizes for various things. I do squots and lunges(backwards ones) i also do chair dips i got out of a book my teen tought me just a straight crunch and plank they do in gym there are other crunches and planks also i started real slow 5 reps each for week or 2 then 20 then 15 i have not gone above 30 reps it takes to long

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