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New Mom & Back In Shape

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I will try my best to keep all updated. While I am 27 years old I have never had to work out before in my life. I was just that active I didn't have to. I'm currently weighing in at around 160lbs at 5'5". My main area of concern is my abdomen and thighs.

Today is Week 1 Day 2 and I had no problem with yesterday's challenge. I randomly take a run here and there and was trying to help encourage my brother and ran with him for preparation for the army.

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Hi There and Welcome to you and all of you newbies here too.


Oh you can do sooo much without a gym,  Ask any questions and I can help you....   So much you can do around the house.


Do you have a stroller??  walk/Run with your little one, I did that for years..


SOOOO many free apps out there it is crazy.   


Zenlabs has so many free apps for a lot of exercise...


So much online for free too.   I do not think I will ever step into a gym again...


Check out thrift shops for hand weights....


Let me know how to help you!    Good Luck!!! :D 

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