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46 year old mother of 5 bringing it!

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MOLD IS WILD ALL OVER i can smell it when i run. Welcome 5 kids God bless you I did 2 and that was almost to much for me. I am going to tell you to slow down when you do the run parts also run only 3 times a week with rest days between. On rest days do strength training or core excersizes to help make the running easier. There is info all over the internet on things to do in your own home no equipment needed but a chair and or a wall. If you have not done it yet go to a running shop not a big sports store and get fitted for shoes. Keep posting and have fun I was 5ft5in and 165 when i started my life style change i am now stuck at 130 goal is 125 so running is my new adiction. post your progress i am cheering you on

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Ok. My first attempt resulted in having an allergic reaction to running! Lol! Don't know what triggered it for real, but I went to the doctor and got an inhaler and allergy Meds. Today I completed Week 1 Day 1 even though every inch of me wanted to stop halfway through. My head was pounding, my face was beet red and I am sure I looked silly. BUT!! I did not stop. And it felt REALLY good to say that I finished the 30 minutes. I am not terribly overweight (153, 5'3) but not in shape at all. I really like the cues I get with the app and seeing how much time I have left pushes me to keep going. It is exactly the direction I needed!

Congratulations!! Starting is the hardest part. It'll get better.

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