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After taking courage I just started today. I think I ran slower than I'm used to walk, but I could do it for 60 seconds, surprisingly, and finish the first day. I think the cold weather was the worst, I need something to protect my ears. LOL :) . However, I felt I was forcing more my right leg and could feel a bit the front part of the lower leg bone, in the middle of it. What am I doing wrong?

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Welcome, Rita! Don't worry about running slower than walking. I ran so slowly in the beginning it felt like I was jogging in place!


Try this running form and see if it helps with your shin pain:



Focus on incorporating one move at a time: take smaller steps, pull your navel into your spine while keeping your chest and shoulders down, forcing your exhale breath out. Everyone breathes differently. I like breathing in through nose and forcing air out of my mouth with a "Ha!" sound.


Let us know how Week 1 Day 2 goes!

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