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First 5k this weekend

excouch spud

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Since I haven't run a 5K, please take my advice with a grain of salt.


I'd recommend wearing the same things you normally wear during your runs (clothes, shoes, etc.). If you hold your phone in your hand while run, do it the same way during your race. 


My friend recommends bringing toilet paper to the race as a lot of them have porta-potties which may not be well stocked.


Good luck! You'll do great!

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Jeshi had some great advice. Make sure you do things similar to what you've done during training. When I ran my first 5K, I made sure to rest up the day before (no run). Make sure you get there early to warm up a bit (don't run cold - get a warm up walk/jog in a few minutes before the run so you can stretch a little).


And above all else, enjoy it! It'll be over before you know it and you only get one "1st" 5K. It's a fantastic experience. Don't worry about time, just take it all in.


Good luck and enjoy!

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I'm working towards my first 5k early next year. (Currently end of week 6). What worries me is a) being so slow B) having to walk parts c) looking like a dork !!!! I'm hoping as I continue this app some of those fears will go away! Good luck to you all and keep us posted how you get on excouch spud

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