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Introducing Myself!


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Hi Everyone, 


I am here to introduce myself to you today.  My Name is Kelly and I have been added as a Moderator here.    I am super excited about this job.  I have been into Fitness for over 20 years.  I love it.


My husband Keith and I are 'Empty Nesters" as of 2010.  We love it.  WE both stay pretty active with Riding our Harleys, Hiking, some biking, Flying (hubby is a private pilot), Gparents to one precious little girl who is 6, Parents to my Step daughter Kim, and our two boys, Josh and Jordan.  Our youngest just graduated College and we are finally financially free of all three.. lol  haha, yay.


I am one hyper busy gal!  I will never ever slow down in my life.  


I got into Fitness while we were living in Amsterdam, Holland for almost 5 years.  I went over there in 1993 overweight.  I never noticed it as I am  in love, lol..    So, one day I was bored and an English friend from MOPS, asked me to come to the gym and workout.  SO I did, I got hooked as everyone was incredible to me.  SO many people from lots of different countries.  I ran 5ks, 10ks, half marathons and 1 Marathon (Not for me the marathon), but I love the smaller ones.


I went back to the States after I lost all of my weight, like 30lbs I think. I got certified into teaching and went back back to Holland.  The boss there would not let me teach because she didnt think I could do it.  Everyone kept telling her I could.  SO, one Saturday, where the Step Class was VERY ADVANCED, she asked me to teach.  Holy Moly was I nervous.  BUT I DID IT!!!  It was one tough class and I was hired on the spot to subsitute teach.  GO ME!!   


I am AFAA, ISSA, ASF, NACFF, CPR,  Associate of Science in Health & Fitness, Personal Trainer Certified.  I cannot get enough!!!  I love this so much!


I never looked back and I ended up teaching 10x plus classes a week at various sportschools.  whew boy.  I could not keep weight on and could eat everything,  lol.


Came back to the States and pretty much kept it up.  I have always worked out very well, but I ran into burnout like most instructors do.  I eat great, but got lazy.  I have been on a weight loss journey myself to lose about 20 lbs.  


WE are all in this together, so Lets do this together!!!  I am loving these apps and talking to everyone on here.  Ask me anything!  TEll me about you!!  WHAT MOTIVATES YOU?

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