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  1. Week3 day 2 completed. Finding this week quite hard, especially today. My legs didn't want to run and I had no energy. Will try again on Tuesday.
  2. 7678sarah

    Shin pain

    I have been using Emu oil for my shins and have had no pain for 2 weeks. Also use it on any stiff muscles. Works a treat.
  3. I do the same as farmgirl. Google play is great. Sometimes iuse the radio app instead. I also have map my run app on. 10k - google play - 10k - all running together and work together. I hear the 10 k prompts over the music and the map my run updates :
  4. Yay to you both. Angie, deciding to start can be the hardest part - stick with it. Lyn i am on week 3 of 10k. Much to my surprise I think I enjoy doing it !
  5. Week 2 and day 2 complete so pleased. And i actually managed to run for the 90sec each time. Feeling super positive.
  6. I gave up smoking last year and even though I would love to have one I know I nwver will. Giving up was too hard to restart! It has taken me nearly a year to feel the effwcts of not smoking, wasnt until I started the 10k app this week. First time I havent needed an inhaler while exercising in years. yay for you with the great effort.
  7. One day - run at a time :)keep at it.
  8. Kelly thanks for sharing. Nice to know a little about the name that is constantly leaving encouraging, positive and just lovely comments across the forum.
  9. Iwent to the gym after work then did day 3 week one. And I actually jogged for all the 70 second segments. Feeling super pleased with myself. FANTASTIC effort Kelly - 2 days in one is impressive actually very impressive!
  10. Ready to move to day 2 tomorrow. I did day one twice and the second time I actually managed it YAY . Today I went to my first yoga session. Was interesting and different but I have paid for 4 weeks so I hope it will do some good.
  11. 7678sarah

    Day one

    I am doing 10k app and cardio and i bike about 2km to work and weights at the gym and looking for a yoga class. And I am making an effort to eat fresh.
  12. Hey Kelly. I did day of the app today. Didnt quite manage it so will try day o e again tomorrow. Was still pleased withwhat I did
  13. 7678sarah

    Day one

    Same - good luck. All we need to do is make it to day 2 and still be inspired
  14. Hi, 46yr old Mum of 3 teenagers with 20kg to loose. As the years have crept on my fitness and lifestyle has slid in quality. Today is day one of healthy living and eating. We have a community 10km fun run on 30 November and my goal is to run it. I have NEVER run so looking for all and any tips and support.
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