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I am new to the forum but on Week 4 and what a journey!


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Hi everyone,


Not sure why I got into running but I've been trying to do so all summer with countless failures and colossal mistakes, until I finally discovered this app which was exactly what I needed to make progress the right way. So now I am on week 4 and although I've had hiccups along the way (shin splints and knee pain) I've learned to overcome those and I now LOVE running. Week 4 was definitely the first real challenge and I was nervous about going through with it, I toyed with the idea of repeating week 3 but I pushed myself and got the first run finished and it feels fantastic. My goal is to do all 8 weeks without repeating any of the weeks. I want to follow the program to the letter but I completely understand people who feel the need to repeat.


I am by no means in shape, I am 5'2" and weigh 155 lbs and have been a serious couch potato my whole life, not to mention I'm a web designer and do nothing but sit in front of my computer for hours on end daily. I would love to lose 35 lbs, and running along with some minor dietary improvements (basically not eating after 6 and doing my runs at night) have already helped me lose 5 lbs in these few weeks. I have very full legs so I'm sure once I lose weight my issues with shin splints and knee pain will subside. I will occasionally post my progress on weight loss and running and hope to encourage those just starting out or thinking about starting out. 


Thank you C25K!


PS: I bought Asics Gel Quantum 360 running shoes and they are superb. Totally recommend this sneaker for pretty much every runner as they have gel cushioning throughout the entire sole. 

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Go, Natalie! You can do it!


I've had shin splints my entire life and had resigned myself to 'my body can't run' until I discovered this app and a better running form.


So glad you figured out how to get around your knee pain and shin splints!


Looking forward to updates of your progress.  :)

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Thanks Jeshi, sorry to hear about your shin splints, they are awful aren't they? I haven't really gotten them again since week 2 so I'm crossing my fingers, icing and some stretches really helped.


And I agree about running form, I read some pointers on Zen Labs blog 2 days ago that I incorporated into my runs today 1)stomach breathing 2) shoulders down. I believe it really helped with today's run which i was excited for and dreading at the same time. But I definitely felt wonderful afterwards and for the rest of the day. I am less nervous about the third run of the 4th week which will be tomorrow and excited to get the "trophy" lol

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