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Need motivation


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Guest TrishE

Motivation is always tough. Everyone needs something that pushes them and everyone is different. Find someone to run with you or find a goal that will help you do it enough so it becomes a habit. Once its a habit doing it becomes a little easier. I like the rewards system for my self. As soon as I drop those last five pounds im buying myself a Charlotte (wwe diva) shirt :) It helps to get me out there.

Hope this helps!

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So I went out for my first run this week.  Since I've done this over and over and over I started off with a friend who was already on week 4 day 1.  I didn't have a problem at all.  She actually had the same pace as I do.  Either she's really good or I really suck lmao.  Anyway I'm ready to run this evening too.  There is a bridge here locally that is 1.6 miles long and I go to one end and then back.  It's actually beautiful scene because it right here on our beach over water.  I will come back with more updates.

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