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Training with baby


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  • 2 weeks later...

So the horrible weather and my little getting sick for a week had me change my mind on starting the 10k training. I finished the 5k training and really surprised myself. I had increased my speed and my body always felt much better after I ran. My niece got to do my last run with me and she is 8. I was surprised she kept up most of the way. I now doing the Brazil Butt Lift workouts indoor and I think that I want to try and run on Sunday's if the weather allows (it's my only rest day in the workout series). Part of me really misses running so I want to keep doing it. I also think I may go backwards if I don't keep it up. 


How is everyone else doing? I know the weather can really mess things up unless you have a an indoor track you go to. 

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  • 2 months later...

Hello all! I hope things are going well. I am now 2 weeks post 10k training. It was actually quite fun doing it and I cannot believe that I was able to run even further with my kidney issue. My little one always falls asleep during the run and just sleeps until I take her out so I can shower.


I'm hoping the rest of you are keeping up with it. I dropped a total of 12 lbs between the two trainers and feel like a million bucks. I'm trying that strange fad called the military diet noe and just doing in home workouts. Every once in a while I feel like running and switch off between the 5k and 10k.


I am considering the 13.1, but pushing that much for me may be too much. I think I'll go back to the 5k trainer and start jogging with ankle weights. For some reason hearing those beeps just keep me motivated. Like my own little coach.

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