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So my name is Brittany and I'm hoping to get off my couch, lose weight, alleviate some of my back pain, get healthy, and get happy! I'm 23 and suffer from constant back pain due to a traumatic and partially unheard injury I acquired almost 2 years ago.

I live in Michigan almost no just realized that it is October and I'm going to have to think of something crafty once there's snow on the ground. Can't risk doing any walking or running outside since one little slip could really mess me up. Please give me suggestions if you have any, lol!

I'm currently at the highest weight of my life and I'm dying to do something about it!

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Welcome to the forums and running Brittany! Also from Michigan, haven't tried running in the winter but I know what MI winters are like. Might be worth looking into local fitness facilities and running indoors or in a treadmill during the winter months (that's what I'm planning on doing).


Take it one day at a time! You can do it!

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Hi Brittany and Welcome here.        


  I am happy you are wanting to be in great health.   Start now before it gets too cold out and when winter sets in, Invest in a Gym like Steve said or a treadmill at home.  


There are also great workout apps and videos out there too.   Zenlabs has some great spot training apps you can download too.


What I love to do all day, is use my body as my own weights.   Lunge down the hallway, squats while on the phone, pushups on the counter, etc..  There is so much you can do all day in little spurts of energy.


I LOVE IT, Good luck to you.  You can do it!   :D  :D  :D  :D 

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