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I hate(d) running, so I ran a 5K

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Hello! I'm new to running...I've actually hated it all my life, until I discovered my favorite place in So Cal hosts races. Recently, I completed my first 5K (through Disneyland!), and now I'm kinda hooked (I was warned this might happen). I've been pretty active most of my life, but getting me to run would always result in dragging, kicking and screaming. I always said I'd rather swim a mile than run it. Until I was introduced to Disney runs. Now my husband and I are signed up for the Star Wars 10K in January with plans to run a Half later next year for our anniversary. Husband still wants to know what happened to his wife lol


Got any advice for a newbie like me? What are your favorite foam rolling exercises? I have very tight hamstrings, hip flexors and my IT band has been complaining since the 5K. 

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Hey. Thats awesome. You will become addicted to it. Ive taught for years and i got so burned out. I was in such great shape when I lived in Holland. Back to the states in 1998 and weight came back. Im sick of it so now i am doing it again. I love these forums for motivation and the apps. Super fun. I will look up some exercises for you to do for the IT band. Not reallly heard of it and i am curious. Have an awesome day.

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