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Advice for chaffing!!!

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This hit me too when I started going longer distances. I've been using BodyGlide and it's helped a bunch. I tried the BandAid fix for my nipples after one busted open one morning (ouch!) but I sweat pretty profusely and couldn't get it to stick. There are different BandAids and some I think work better than others, so that might be worth a try too. I even read that some people use moleskin to help (haven't tried this either as the warning about it is that it sticks fiercely).


I'm pretty liberal about the BodyGlide. I also found that a tight fitting compression shirt helps too (less shirt movement means less chances to rub and chafe).

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I know this is a few weeks old but wanted to comment. I also use Body Glide or 2Toms anti chafe roll on but another important thing.... If you are wearing cotton clothing, you are predisposing yourself to chaffing(it gets sweaty and heavy and rubs and you know what's next). Get rid of it for technical fabrics (Polyester). Cotton is the devil!!

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I agree 100% with the comments about BodyGlide, the stuff is wonderful.  Here's another tip, if BodyGlide is too hard to find or pricey, go to the drug store and buy an anti-blister stick from the footcare aisle.  It's the same thing, just marketed for your feet to help prevent blisters from shoe rubbing.  I've been using it for a couple of years now.

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