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Week 1 done but not ready to move on:-(

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Hi, I have actually done the week 1 run/walk about 9 times now over the past week and a half. I still don't feel ready to move on as I can barely make it through the one minute jogs. How long should I repeat week 1 before I try to move on to week 2?


Also, my lower legs are pretty sore. I have been doing the program pretty much every day with a rest day every so often. Is that ok or should I only be doing it every other day?

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I suggest lots of stretching. At least 2 rest days a week would be good. But don't give up! Don't just sit and relax during your rest days either. Stretch it out (look up routines or something, don't just do it or a minute or two.) It's important and will do your body good. If your doing a different trail each time, try o be more consistent for at least one week to get your body use to it. (Try to limit a lot of hills also). Good luck, you can do it!

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If you are a new runner, I highly suggest taking a rest day every other day at a minimum. If you don't, you are increasing your risk of injury. Your body needs time to heal. You should consider strength or cross training on your off days.


For example, my schedule is Monday-run, Tuesday- strength, Wednesday- run, Thursday-strength, Friday-run, Saturday-strength, Sunday-rest


(I use an interval timer app) I sometimes mix up the exercises but rarely.

My strength routine is:


Warm up (30 seconds each)


Arm crosses


Jumping jacks

Butt kicks


Exercise (all are for :45 sec each except for push-ups and sit-ups, I follow an app for those)


Push-up challenge

Sit up challenge

Squat and press

Dumbbell row

Static lunge w/biceps curl


Calf raises

Side lunge w/anterior hand raises

Tricep dips



Cool down stretch

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