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so I just started this today being very sad about my weight and stuff, and I've been sorta out of shape so I wanted to change my lifestyle towards the beginning so I won't have to start when I'm older. I'm working towards what any girl/woman wants thighs not to touch, flat stomach so what should I add to my lifestyle to help me with that? I know to drink more water, and stay away from sugar, but other than that any possible tips that will help me with my goal? Oh yeah I'm also lifting weights too so any tips you might have, thanks :)

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Hi there


Welcome here and I am super proud of you for wanting to do this. Definitely write down your goals amd what you want to accomplish.


Healthy eating, lots of water, like you said. Limit junk food to ine treat a week. 3-4 days of cardio, 2-4 days of lifting weights, change your workouts too to keep that body guessing. You will lose more too. Your metabolism is fastwhen you are young, you should be able to burn it of pretty quickly.


We are to help you. Good luck

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