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  1. Good Luck! Health is a journey regardless of the number on the scale. You're young , smart and ready to begin a change of a lifetime! As a 52 year old woman who has been her hardest critic let me suggest to be kind to yourself. Listen to your body and your spirit. Applaud successes and learn from shortcomings. I also suggest finding a cool weightloss app that tracks that progress. Good luck and wishing you blessings
  2. Today is Day 1 week 1 for me and I need to lose 50 lbs. thank you for sharing your journey! So inspiring! Excited to hear your journey as I change my own.
  3. One teen there's a cool free app (for iPhones). That can track your weight loss and has healthy tips. Has a cute avatar you can dress, etc. I wanted an app to graph and track my progress- something more simple. You may love the avatar one! Congratulations for making your health a priority at a young age!
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