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New don't know where to begin

Guest Superstarno2

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Hi There, SO Superstar,  Have you been getting any kind of exercise??    What do you want to do?  Run, Walk, Hike, Cardio Videso, weight lifitng?   I love the APPS that coach you.    Couch to a 5 K, C25K, 5 K trainer, Abs Trainer, etc...   Great coaching.  I am walker/runner.  


Start off slow and then as you get stronger go faster and harder.   Anything I can do to help, let me know.

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I am only on week5 but like the previous poster said start slow.  You don't have to move forward on the weeks if you don't feel ready.  I took a break for a few weeks after some foot issues and came back a week behind where I should have been.  Today I finished week5 and it felt great.  I don't go fast, I probably jog as fast as most people walk.  Just take your time and know that you can do this.

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