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  1. Doing good today Kelly, how bout you?
  2. Hi Callisto, walking everywhere is a great start, the rest should be a breeze for you ;-)
  3. A great thread with so many motivated people. Keep doing what the program says and believe you can do it and you will be fine. Every time you are about to give up, just tell yourself one more step and then one more step after that and before you know it, it's walk time :-)
  4. I'm not, but amazing job mate, you should be proud as heck! Keep on keeping on :-)
  5. Biggest tip I could give, is do it in your own time and don't compare yourself to others... That and keep going good luck!
  6. Great stuff Sarah, you should be pleased and that is the perfect attitude to keep yourself motivated....just keep moving and you will get there
  7. Thanks Kelly, I'm glad you are still here too. It certainly is a pretty freaky experience, especially when you know the signs and symptoms and you can actually check them off as they are actually happening to you. It's cool that this program has allowed us to keep going and keeping healthy without doing damage to our bodies. Keep on moving :-)
  8. Thanks jvincent, I'm glad I'm still here too! I completed the first week no problems so I'm really feeling positive. I used to be a combat medic in the army, but after leaving and getting an injury, I allowed myself to get lazy and although I still looked pretty fit, I was far from it. One thing I have noticed since I got my stent, is I have far better recovery times and am not as winded. Looking forward to week two!
  9. Great stuff! Keep it up! Don't worry what others say or think, you have no control over that. What you can control is you and it sounds like you are doing a great job of that, by taking these first steps:-)
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