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Wk1D2 completed

Determined Motherof3

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I was sooo dreading my run today. Even tried to find a friend to go with me! But I said, no, you got to do this for you - with or without them. So I ran, each interval. And tho I'm tired and aching, I couldn't be prouder of myself. I'm 292lbs, 33 yrs old, and never been this heavy in my life! Not even pregnant. This is MY time and I want to do this, for me!

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Hi There and Welcome to you.


YOU DID IT!!!  YES YOU DID!!!!!  You can do it and we are your biggest cheerleaders EVER!!!


You can so be WHOEVER you want to be!    Make small changes, do not stress, change your diet, etc....  


If you make a mistake one day, just do not look back and be mad at yourself..  Just pick yourself up, dust yourself off and move on.


We ate bad this last weekend and drank with friends, yesterday we felt horrible from over  indulging, went out and ate really healthy, and said "tomorrow we are good", and we are.  I already worked out and have class tonight...  I never get mad at myself , because sometimes you gotta have pizza!!!!!


I am really proud of you!!   Keep it up!!

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Way to go Allie! I am 46 and started dieting-aka eating right- a few weeks ago at 318 lbs. it's tougher now than it was in my 30s. Keep it up and keep it off when you get there. Just finished day two at 305 and it hurts but it was better than day one! Day three will be easier than today. Good luck all!

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