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Pacing yourself


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So I'm on week 5 (well, I'm re-doing weeks 5 & 6 because I felt that I hadn't quite "nailed" it). And my problem is that I can't pace myself well when I'm on the trail. On the treadmill I set it at about 5.1 - 5.3-ish, but when I'm outside I have no skill in setting a consistent pace. I think I'm starting too fast and end up at a slower pace.


Any suggestions as to how to help keep pace when I'm running outside?




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Hi Margaret,


Welcome here. Have you tried counting your pace as you are a treadmill and then trying that outdoors? I think that would drive me nuts myself but , surely there is something in an app that shows you pace you are doing?


Like Mapmyfitness, Runkeeper, Nike that show you your pace????? When i went out yesterday, surge showed my my pace. I was soooo slow, but it was really hot out.


Let me know what you figure out. Good luck.

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