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Me? A Runner? Ha. *eats chips*


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Just realized I'm on Week 1 Day 2 and I haven't introduced myself. How rude.

I'm Samantha but people just call me Sammy or Sam. I'm 19 and from the little Caribbean country of Belize. I'm 5'5"/5'6" and weigh 160lbs. Always stays the same cause my metabolism absolutely refuses to stray from what it's used to. That stubborn little twitch. I'm aiming for 128, and I want to maybe keep it there for the rest of my life. So what do I need? A lifestyle change. I need to KICK my metabolism forward and ORDER it to change.

So I shall become a hardcore runner.. and a healthy eater.. and maybe join the karate club down the street.

Right so.. running. Yes. This is an app for people to learn how to become runners. I really love it and would recommend it to anyone who's lazy like me 'cause the app basically does everything for you.. except move your legs. It even has that little encouraging voice that tells you when you're halfway done with a session. How great is that? Love it.

So that's that. Nice to meet you all and good luck on your journey to fitness!

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Welcome here Sammy, You are funny. Thanks for sharing your story. I love Belize, Gorgeous! Stopped by there on a Cruise. Love the local tourist bar run by a this awesome American Couple. Their friends run that tourist attraction where they drive around in those little cars? I could so live there. pretty!!!


These apps are great, if you can post a picture for us, that would be great of where you run.


Good luck and keep us posted here on your journey. Exciting!

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Hi! Oh man you've been here? Cool haha well I hope you had a wonderful time and enjoyed all that our little Caribbean jewel had to offer.. like the pretty islands, the reef, and the Maya temples? I hope you got to see those. Can't say you've truly been to Belize without seeing those ;P Where are you from?


Wait, you can post pictures here? How? Is this a website too then?

Not that I'd be able to post any pictures of "where I run" since I run on a treadmill at home... hahaha

I'll try the outdoor running some day though... I mean I have to if I want to be a hardcore runner.


About my journey... I just joined the track team for my university. I'll try my best but I just hope I don't keep everyone back hahaha



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