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So I've been really digging playing music on my Bluetooth headphones while running and I've found even with 90% battery my phone dies with in the 30 minute workout. Tomorrow I'll try putting my phone in airplane mode and see if that shuts out all my data and signal searches but is any one else experiencing this crazy battery drain?

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Lots of variables there...  Some questions to narrow it down:


What kind of phone are you using?

How old is it?

Are you playing music stored in the phone or are you streaming it from somewhere else?

Is it 'new' Bluetooth? (LE - newer versions of Bluetooth use even less energy)

What other things might be using power?  (GPS? Heart rate monitor?)


For reference, I use a 7-month old iPhone 6 Plus.  I'll have as many as 3 apps going at once - C25K, MapMyRun+ and music.  The music might be stored on my iPhone or I might be streaming from SiriusXM.  Even with all that, a session (30-45 minutes) hardly takes up even 10% of my battery.

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I've got an iPhone 5 that's 2 years old. I run a Bluetooth Fitbit HR and a few month old Bluetooth ear buds while running. I listen to my offline playlist with spotify and my c25k app that stays on because if I lock my phone the app stops. I have a feeling that because my phone is literally "on" the whole time that's what's draining it. Is there anyway to lock my phone and the app keep talking to me?

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1. I am not sure about iPhone, but on android phones you can turn off wi-fi, gps, bluetooth, etc. The less services are in use, the more is battery life. I am sure, if you put your phone in airplane mode, the battery will last longer.

Also the battery has a life time. This number depends on how the battery was used. Closer to the end the battery will hold less "juce". May be it is time to replace your batteries.

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