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  1. I've got the Fitbit HR and I love it!! I've had it for a few months now and haven't gotten bored of it yet. I actually only got it for the extra security of the traditional watch band but man I really love the heart rate feature. I thought I would never use it and it was just the extra $20 from the normal charge but it's so helpful. In exercise mode it will tell you your avg heart rate and peak HR so you know to push harder or whatever your goal is. Plus the caller ID and the silent alarm is fantastic! Bought it on kind of a spree because my dad had one and it was such a great choice! My brother is switching from jawbone to Fitbit soon
  2. I hold it in my hand. It really hasn't seemed to bug me. I also thought about getting an arm band for it.
  3. What I ended up doing and made the difference between my phone Dieing and my phone going down only 10% was to turn the "display off" button "on". This way my phone could go to sleep after so many minutes with out the app pausing.
  4. I've got an iPhone 5 that's 2 years old. I run a Bluetooth Fitbit HR and a few month old Bluetooth ear buds while running. I listen to my offline playlist with spotify and my c25k app that stays on because if I lock my phone the app stops. I have a feeling that because my phone is literally "on" the whole time that's what's draining it. Is there anyway to lock my phone and the app keep talking to me?
  5. So I've been really digging playing music on my Bluetooth headphones while running and I've found even with 90% battery my phone dies with in the 30 minute workout. Tomorrow I'll try putting my phone in airplane mode and see if that shuts out all my data and signal searches but is any one else experiencing this crazy battery drain?
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