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  1. This is an old thread, and I'm sure the OP found a solution by now. But the most likely cause of this is having WI-FI turned on when you don't have an active Wi-Fi connection to connect to. Your phone just drains the battery searching for networks.
  2. Hello everybody, just recently started using protein supplements after my workouts, really trying to get some nice muscle build while shedding some fat too. Recently came across this article http://maxproteinpowder.com/protein-shake-recipes/ with some really good protein shakes. Made myself the Coffee Protein Shake this morning. It's amazing and a reasonable excuse to have some coffee ice cream in the freezer lol!
  3. .6 pounds is only like 9-10 ounces! That's pretty much a glass of water weight difference. Basically don't beat yourself up over something so small.
  4. That is a pretty solid article on protein goals. I always read to use your target weight when calculating protein intake instead of current weight as that article suggests. Seems more logical to base your protein on the weight you want to be and not the weight you are.
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