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2 year anniversary of cervical spine surgery


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Two years ago today I had surgery to replace a disc in my neck that was bulged and pinching nerves to my right arm. Prior to that the pain was bad enough that I couldn't hold the leash to walk my dog, couldn't twist the throttle on my motorcycle, couldn't hold my coffee cup in my right hand, couldn't even hold a book to read, for that matter. I used to run, I was in good shape. But that pain stopped me from doing even the simplest of things, and exercising was one of those things.

Well fast forward to 4 days ago when I decided enough was enough. I was cleared a year ago to do anything I wanted to do, within reason. I may or may not do any more parachuting, for instance. But this weight gain and lack of motivation and zero energy has to change. I started C25K and so far I must say I LOVE IT! Although I didn't know that it was supposed to be every other day until I completed my 4th straight day and upon closer inspection noticed I'd just completed Week 2 Day 1. Oops. I thought my app was messed up so I did some Google research and learned that it was user error. So, other than NOT having how it works clearly explained, I still love this program!

I know I can do this, thanks to that voice in my ear bud telling me "Start running" and holding me accountable. I'm really looking forward to getting my run on again.

Thank you.

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Hi There Yotee,


I am so excited for you. I had that same Surgery in 1992, and have ran, taught fitness, etc.., for years. Now, as I am getting older, the DR., told me that because of my neck surgery, it is pushing my spine down and therefore, I have other disc problems. Now, mind you, I am a very ACTIVE person, it is hard to keep me down. So, watch your neck and back and listen to your Dr....


I Run/Walk, weight train, etc...... Hardcore running is tough for me now. But I am determined to not SIT! Ever.


I absolutely LOVE that "start running" voice, lol.... Good Luck to you! Proud of ya!

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