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Barefoot Running Sneakers

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Alright... So recently I had surgery on my ankle and now gaining the strength back from the operation my physical therapist has recommended barefoot running. I noticed that there was barefoot running sneakers that would shield your foot from rocks etc. although it's a little on the expensive side. Is it really worth it to get this product? Have you had a good experience with them? Is going completely barefoot better?

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Hi there. Sorry for your pain. Hope it gets better.


I bought a few pair of those sneakers and I hiked with them. I felt every roxk and had major blisters. I actually loved them, really, but felt i needed socks with them that defeated the purpose. I did buy 2 great brands tooo. See if they can have you try them on int he store and walk in them to see how they fit.


They do say running barefoot is better but i cant where i live in the mountains. Toughen up your feet by walking barefoot as much as you can.



Keep usnposted here and let us know. Happy you are here.

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I am curious about these too!! And I'm wondering if anyone can help me understand this....so much out there says to walk and run barefoot (which i absolutely love the idea of), but then so much also says that it can be a big cause of Plantar Fasciitis / Metatarsalgia / Morton's Neuroma. I had Morton's Neuroma but have been healed for about 5-6 months now with no pain at all, but I went for a walk on the beach barefoot last week and since then I can feel the pain coming back slightly. Grrrr! I'm using my BFST and ColdCure to try and prevent it from getting full blown. I completely understand how walking barefoot CAN cause these injuries (stepping on uneven ground pushes up and stretches the plantar) but I also get how walking barefoot can be beneficial. Hmmmmmm. ??

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